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Toxicity by aditya777

The idea of the picture seems interesting, but I don't like the way it is painted. It should be more clear up. The style of the young woman is pretty good. Her eyes are black which means that she is some kind of a demon, I like that element of the painting. I think that if you had spend some extra hours working on that painting it could become pretty awesome, it just need more specific details which will make it looks more real, more perfect. All in all, it is piece of art... Nice work aditya777 My advice: DON'T STOP DRAWING!!! : )
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Eastreach Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree that while a little more detail would be good (maybe just sharpening up the features) there is something really wonderful about the thick, expressive mark-making. Thats what attracted me to the piece, and I think in this piece 'perfection' isn't needed. Personally, i would hate for these very 'painty' kind of marks to be airbrushed away because it gives the piece it's character as well as reflecting the theme of the 'demon' or whatever she is. So all in all i agree some more detail is in order, but i disagree with your rating for impact because i feel that the way it is painted actually makes an impact (at least, on me it did).
TheBoyIAm Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Well, this is my first critique and I think in that way only because I like arts which looks like made for games, I mean professional... nothing personal to the painting : ) It is normal everyone to like it in a different way. I just prefer other style paintings, aditya has paintings like that, so I know she didn't added more details on this painting on purpose.
kawka78 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
I totally agree on the thing that: "It is normal everyone to like it in a different way." But... If you're looking for a natural painting between impressionists, then you have start study some history of arts and then you'll probably find your beloved art style.
"It should be more clear up."
Some arts was created on purpose the way they are. Digital painting finally grows for something, that can really be relative to the natural processes of creation. And i'm very glad about the fact. No offense. But i think it's some kind of curve of taste these days. Most of people look too often at the DTP effects based mostly on the Adobe CS instead the natural paintings. Cloned, blured shapes, flares and gradient shadows are the most wanted things on big arts... Pity. I'm just asking - where is the un-perfect human hand and pure imagination in all of this?
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